Great Shots Publishing

How to Order our Note Cards

1) Purchase online: Select note card titles from any of the galleries and compile your selection, or select package deals with display rack included, and then your shopping cart can be viewed. If all the information is correct and as desired, we will have your order ready to go asap, or ship as per your instructions

2) Mail in: Download our order form PDF file here, or view, make your selections and mail to Great Shots Publishing  P.O. Box 941  Felton, CA 95018

3) Or simply Email us with your requests: You can itemize your selections within the body of the email, or you can attach the order form to the email. Whatever is easiest for you.

4) You can also customize your selections of note cards for the standard package deals, and notify us by email of your desires. We are very easy to deal with! Whatever works best for you.

Items of note

1) Your online order via the shopping cart uses Paypal and Paypal security. This Paypal portal also allows payment with major credit cards. Thus at Great Shots Publishing, we never see or have any credit card information.

2) Be sure to view the package deal offers and and peruse the beautiful acrylic display racks. We encourage display racks because the present the note cards in their entirety, offer cohesiveness the concept of our product (which we hope is "uniqueness and elegance of nature imagery note cards), and because display racks are convenient storage of inventory which is always present for customers. And we do not 'mark up' the display rack prices. They are offered at our cost.

3) For note cards only, we offer one low flat shipping fee of $9.95 on initial and re-orders of any selection of 36 cards or more. Actual costs would be more, but we will foot the difference. Smaller orders only incur the exact postage cost. And at times, we can visit your store to check up and update inventory if necessary whereupon shipping is free.

4) Barcoding:  Barcoding is available on any note card as needed. Please request specifically if they are desired.

5) 10% discount on bulk orders of 250 cards or more

6) Save on shipping by purchasing direct online from the website!

Or please feel free to email any time with questions or to place orders.